Temporary exhibition “Mythos. Fantastic creatures”

The Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa is pleased to present the temporary exhibition “Mythos. Fantastic creatures”, by Naturaliter. The exhibition will be open from March 18th 2022 to January 29th 2023.

From the myths of the classical world to the gods of ancient Egypt, up to popular beliefs lost in time, the mysterious creatures and fascinating monsters that have always populated our imagination come back to life in spectacular reconstructions that bring us back to childhood and accompany us on a magical journey in the wonderful world of fantasy.

Pegasus, the phoenix, the unicorn and a 13-meter-long dragon are just some of the over 30 mythological subjects on display, faithfully reconstructed based on the stories written by poets, historians and ancient times naturalists.

The exhibition, enriched by original scenography and video projections, develops with a suggestive itinerary in the oldest rooms of the Charterhouse of Pisa, next to the largest freshwater aquarium in Italy.

For the entire duration of the exhibit, the Museum offers a series of activities and insights dedicated to adults and children, which will be communicated through the official channels of the Museum.