Reaching the Museum

It is provided a prior access for cars drove by or carrying physically impaired people. Showing the specific sign, these car can go through Roma street until the delimitation of the pedestrian street and, entering on the dirt road on the left, park in che park area reserved for the employees in front of the Museum entrance.

Inside the Museum

The Museum is locatad into an historical building and set up on three different floors. Upper floors can be reached using internal stairs or special ramps which include external passages. Some stairs are also provided with electrical stairlifts (ask the ticket office staff to use them). Since the Chartreuse is an historical building, anyway, floors may result uneven, so we exhort all the visitors to mind their steps moving both in the internal and external area. Please, if you are a phisically impaired ask the ticket office staff for everything you need, or call us to have further explanations.