Dinosaurs: predators e preys

The 17th of November, at 4:30 p.m, at the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa, will be inaugurated the new temporary exhibition “Dinosaurs: predators and preys”, by the Naturaliter in collaboration with the Museum itself. In exhibition over 20 full-size models and skeleton.

Teeth, fangs, horns, shields, shells, mighty paws and muscular tails: weapons for attacking, but also for defending, owned by the greatest animals ever lived on Earth. The Dinosaurs, giants of the past, are back to Calci more majestic than ever: Amargasaurus, Carnotaurus, Tirannosaurus, Albertosaurus and many others wait for you for a sensational trip across Mesozoic, discovering survival strategy used, yesterday as well as today, by predators and preys.

On the occasion of the inauguration prof. Walter Landini will give a lecture entitled: “Predators and preys: ying e yang of the evolution”.

The exhibition will be visible until 16th of September 2018.

For further information:
tel. 050 2212970/80