Mammal collection

The collection includes about 3.000 specimens (naturalized, liquid-preserved or osteological) and it is representative of every order of living mammals. Cetacean and primatological collection are particularly remarkable.

Cetacean collection

The collection, composed by 53 specimens, is the most important in Italy because of the number and rarity of taxa included (27 species, 7 of which are unique as for the Italian Museums) and for the presence of great size specimens such as the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus). The collection was realized between the first half of the XIX Century and the beginning of the XX by the director Sebastiano Richiardi and its successor Eugenio Ficalbi.

Primatological collection

The collection (made of naturalized, liquid-preserved or osteological specimens) includes a great variety of representative species of all thee living families of primates. Basing on the notes taken by Paolo Savi and Sebastiano Richiardi it is possible to date the birth of the collection among the XIX and the XX century.