The Earth: myths and science

This exhibition area is devoted to the topic of the origin of the Earth and life, exposing both the mythological and the scientific approach.

The area devoted to the myth is made of a wooden reconstruction of Noah’s arch, about 9 for 5 meters. In the arch, Noah is surrounded by naturalized specimens from the five continents distributed according to geographical criteria. The area also includes the full-size reproductions of two mythological creatures: the Cyclops and the unicorn.

The area devoted to science is divided in two. An exhibition realized with the  National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Pisa) explain the formation of the Earth, through a series of boards, volcanic rocks specimens, a model of a volcano used to simulate eruptions and a model of the internal composition of the Earth. An exhibition realized with the Italian Protistology Society Onlus is about the formation of the life on Earth and the transformation from unicellular to multicellular life forms, through explanation boards, drawings and three giant models of unicellular organisms realized by Lorenzo Possenti.